“Greg was the original architect of Penny’s and my new home in Tampa. (We absolutely love the design.) We hired him about a year ago to design our exciting new renovation and reconstruction project.”

—Jeff & Penny Vinik

Cheat Reality.

Tour Your Custom Home Before it’s Built.

Get a truer sense of what life will be like in your new home. Advanced 3D modeling makes it easy to explore every angle in realistic detail. Just as important, you’ll have the opportunity to make design changes at a point when they’re least costly to address.

You can view interior spaces as though you’re standing inside them, examine finishes in their actual context and make design choices with absolute certainty. Ask us to include advanced 3D modeling to ensure a home that’s perfectly designed for the way you live life.

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What time do you get up each day? How often do you like to entertain? Do you have hobbies or special interests? What sort of views inspire you? Let’s start a conversation that ends with bringing your idea of the ideal home to life.

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“Having worked with many Bay Area architects, my experience has taught me that all architects and their firms are not created equal. I hope that Jones Architecture is given the highest consideration. I think you will find that it is well deserved.”

—Tara Hood, President, American Traditions by Tara, Inc.