“We had taken on a giant project…renovating a 90 year old house, working within the Hyde Park neighborhood guidelines…and doing this with three active, middle- and high-school aged children. Every concern we had was calmly and enthusiastically allayed by Greg.”

—Laura & Preston Farrior

Our Process

Our experience has taught us that each project and client is unique. So while our overall process is similar for each project, certain aspects can be adjusted to meet specific needs and desires.


The pre-planning phase is broken into three steps:

Initial consultation
Programming and budget
Finalize Contract

“Greg listens to all you say, then interprets your dreams and desires into a workable plan.”

—Jim & Celia Ferman

Schematic Design

This is where we collaborate with you to discover what your ideal home looks like. What design features are most essential? How can your home serve your lifestyle, daily routine, hobbies, holidays and family? We’ll ask you to share imagery you’ve collected, as we share imagery with you. The goal is to quickly and clearly understand your likes and dislikes.

We’ll study appropriate room relationships on the site plan, leading to “bubble diagrams” of key spaces. These will then be reviewed and discussed, so that your feedback can be incorporated.

Ultimately, this phase culminates with a schematic site plan, floor plans, and a 3D massing model

“I love the pleasure of waking up every morning and seeing a beautiful sunrise…sitting on the porch at sunset…how lovely it looks decorated for the holidays.”

—Laura & Preston Farrior

Design Development

Based on the approved schematic design, the floor plans are further developed, incorporating furniture layout, appliance selection and placement, millwork, cabinetry design and other features.

We will suggest exterior and interior materials, developing building sections to show how the structure will come together.

Structural, mechanical and electrical engineering consultants are brought in to begin their design work.

Interior design presents flooring finishes, locations, and patterns, ceiling design, cabinetry and millwork design, as well as appliance, plumbing and door hardware selections for approval.

The design progress is reviewed with you using a 3D model, culminating with a site plan, detailed floor plans, exterior elevations and/or 3D model images, building sections, wall details, interior elevations and preliminary engineering plans.

Many of the key selections such as doors and windows, roofing and exterior finishes will also be determined.

“Greg’s knowledge of cutting edge systems allowed us to achieve extraordinary levels of insulation and cooling efficiency, and protected every drop of water on the property. (Utility costs on the island are 600% of US costs.)”

—Tom Sansone & Cathy Unruh

Construction Documents

We complete the drawings and specifications necessary to permit, price and construct the home.

The design team, along with our consulting engineers, add information and detail to help the contractor understand specific materials to be used, their finishes and quality level.

“The quality of the construction documents and the timeliness of execution by Greg and his team present a true asset to everyone associated with the project.”

—Wayne J. Fernandez, EVP, J.O. DeLotto and Sons, Inc.

Bid Phase

Bid documents are distributed to the contractors for final pricing. Building permit review can be assisted so that it happens concurrently with pricing.

We respond to contractor questions and issue clarifications when necessary.

Once pricing is complete and reviewed with you, we can assist drafting the construction agreement between you and the selected contractor.

“Because of the integrity of Greg’s plans, we experienced cost savings and a superior result.”

—Tara Urette, President, American Traditions by Tara, Inc.

Construction Administration Phase

During construction, we are there with you every step of the way to ensure your home is built as designed. We visit the site to observe the progress and respond to any questions that may arise.

At the end of construction, we develop a “punch list” to aid in closing out the project.

“The project is only finished when it is truly finished, not when he has moved on to someone else’s project.”

—Jim & Celia Ferman

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“How well the whole house fits together in a perfectly integrated fashion. It’s beautiful and very comfortable at the same time.”

—Gary & Barbara Rodkin